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PRODUCT NAME: Drione Dust. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Drione is a low odor dust which is white and works as a dessicant on insects. Once on any insect, Drione cuts away at their exoskeleton and then robs them of vital moisture. Drione is very safe to use and works mostly by dehydrating insects and not chemically like other pesticides. It lasts a long time when applied into wall voids where cluster flies reside. This product is needed when the flies are nesting in the home and can be applied to attics, wall voids and up under outside siding. It's unique "smoke" like action will carry it up under siding during the application process which insures you get all routes of entry when treating for cluster flies (and other insects as well). Watch this video to get a better understanding of why Drione is the best material to stop flies from penetrating homes and other structures. TARGET PESTS: Cluster flies. WHERE TO USE IT: In wall voids around windows and doors. Apply it to cracks and crevices outside to stop them from coming in when it gets cold. RATE OF APPLICATION: When treating voids, use it at the rate of 1 lb for every 800 sq/ft of space. ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE: ECO EXEMPT DUST or MOTHERS EARTH DIATOMACEOUS EARTH SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact of the dust by wearing surgical, rubber or work gloves. Keep people and pets away and off treated surfaces till any spilled dust has been removed and the area allowed to settle. Eye and breathing protection is needed when treating in confined areas like an attic or crawl space. Further storage, handling and use details are covered in this video. Click here for our SAFETY EQUIPMENT PACKAGING AND COST: The 8 ounce can on the left is an aerosol and is good for small jobs. It can cover about 100 sq/ft. It will not need a Hand Duster to use but it is limited in how much it can treat. Cans (ITEM # 451276) Most jobs will need the bulk packaging or loose Drione. This packaging is best suited for large voids and wall treatments. Use a Hand Duster to get a good application. 6 oz jar (ITEM # 452832) Cannot be shipped to Alaska. 1 lb jar (ITEM # 452829) Cannot be shipped to Alaska. *** If you are on a limited budget or have a mild problem to treat, consider using the closely related Pyganic Dust. It comes in a smaller jar (just 10 oz) and at about 1/2 the price of Drione, may be better suited for small jobs. PYGANIC PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pygamic is a low odor dust which is white and works as a desiccant on insects. Very much like Drione Dust, once any insect is covered in Pyganic Dust the dust will cut away at their exoskeleton which leads to a lethal loss of vital moisture. This unique formulation will last over a year in treated voids. Pyganic Dust is mostly Silica Gel so like Drione, it works by dehydrating insects. It also contains a 1% Pyrethrin, which will help activate insects and get them moving, so the Silica Gel can get to work. The following video explains in detail what Pyganic Dust is like and why it can be used as a substitute for Drione. PyGanic 10 oz Jars (ITEM # 452866)


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