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PRODUCT NAMES: Ultra Sound Repellers. We feature three types detailed below. Carefully read each description and then choose the unit that will best meet the needs of your particular problem. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: These devices emit a powerful sound wave which falls into the "stress" sound range of many animals. By targeting this sound range, these devices will both alert and alarm the nuisance animal. Once the animal hears the sound, it will attempt to avoid the sound and move away. This technology has proven to work best on newly active and roaming animals. Animals which have been feeding or roosting for any length of time will attempt to ignore the sound. For this reason, it is not suggested that you attempt to "chase off" nesting or feeding animals that have been present for any extended period of time. For such animals, you will first need to employ one of the other control methods detailed in our control article. Only when the active animal is relocated and not present should you consider the installation of Ultra Sound devices. *** REGARDING THE USE OF ULTRA SOUND AND PEOPLE OR PETS *** Ultra Sound is a sound which many animals can hear but has limitations. First, it is very much directional. This means you must be directly in it's line - much like a beam of light from a flashlight - to hear it. Secondly, Ultra Sound does not penetrate anything well at all. This means it cannot go through walls, plants, around buildings, etc. It is effective only in the area directly in front of where a unit is placed and depending on the unit, anywhere from 1000 to 5000 sq/ft. Thirdly, Ultra Sound has a wide frequency range and generally one range which might bother one animal will not bother another. For this reason any good unit will either emit a variable sound pattern or allow you to adjust the setting. Lastly, Ultra Sound works on the principle of delivering a disturbing and annoying sound which is in a range that targeted animals do not like. Though they don't like this sound, Ultra Sound cannot "hurt or injure" any animal. The sound does not have some type of magical power so there is no need to worry about pets or children sustaining some type of hearing loss or internal injury - it just can't happen. What you could expect is that any pet or child might not like the sound, should they be able to hear it, and may avoid areas where Ultra Sound devices are installed. This is quite normal and should be expected. Furthermore, if you are getting a unit to use on some animal which is the same kind of animal as a household pet, expect the pet to avoid where you install the device. No harm will come to your pet should they enter an area in the yard where such a device is installed but expect they will not want to go there once the unit is active. The three units we feature have proven effective and offer different power needs, activation settings and effective range of protection. Choose the one that best suits your need. ____________________________________________________________________________________


ITEM # 747772: This is the smallest of the three and is powered strictly by a battery. It uses one 9 volt battery which will usually have enough power for several months of operation. This unit has an infrared motion detector so it will only go off when targeted animals are within range. This conserves the battery. It has an "on/off" switch on the back which is used to turn the unit on. Contained in a mountable frame that both houses the main unit and protects it from weather, it is best to mount this device on trees, fences, buildings, or walls. This location should be at a height which is equal to the targeted animal. There is a tendency to place it too high so animals can move under the motion detector; mounting it too low will effectively take away some of it's range. Use one unit to cover about 2000 sq/ft. Though it may work for a larger area, best results will be obtained in this zone. This unit will work in the rain or freezing temperatures and is a true outdoor unit but can be used inside. Using several around the yard is the most effective way to install them by placing up a line of defense at key entry points. This unit is best suited for Armadillo, Bats, Cats, Deer, Dogs, Raccoon, Skunks and Rabbit but it may work on Mice, Rats and Squirrels. The following video does a good job of showing just how this unit is controlled and how it functions. 1 Ea (ITEM # 747772) (WOODEN MOUNTING STAKE NOT INCLUDED!!) __________________________________________________________________________________


ITEM # 747774: This unit is slightly larger then the 774772 and has many different features. First, it relies on AC power so you will need to install it close to an electrical power outlet. Secondly, it's always on. In other words, it does not employ any type of motion detector to activate a sound release. Once turned on, this unit will continuously emit ultra sound waves. Thirdly, this unit is not weather protected. It's designed for indoor use but can be used outside where you have a protected area which will not get wet. Lastly, this unit will cover an area up to 4000 sq/ft for small animals like Mice, Rats and Squirrels or Bats. Use it in areas up to 2000 sq/ft for animals like Armadillo, Cats, Deer, Dogs, Raccoon, Skunk or Rabbit. This unit is best suited for the smaller animals listed above. The following video does a good job of showing just how this unit is controlled and how it functions. 1 Ea (ITEM # 747774) __________________________________________________________________________________


ITEM # 747810: This is first of our true "commercial" units of the four. It will work equally well on any animal like Armadillo, Bats, Cats, Deer, Dog, Mice, Raccoon, Rats, Skunk, or Rabbit. Other features include the ability to power it by either the included AC converter or a 9-12 volt battery. The battery could be a deep cycle marine 12 volt boat type or some type of rechargeable battery in the 9-12 volt range. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS UNIT WILL RUN CONTINUOUSLY. IF POWERED BY BATTERY, DO NOT EXPECT LONG BATTERY LIFE. OUR EXPERIENCE IS THAT IT WILL USE UP MOST DEEP CYCLE BATTERY CHARGES IN 1-2 DAYS. THIS MEANS YOU WILL NEED TO RECHARGE THE BATTERY QUITE FREQUENTLY. IT IS BEST IF THE BATTERY IS EQUIPPED WITH A SOLAR CHARGER PANEL TO HELP KEEP THE BATTERY CHARGED. IF THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE, CONSIDER THE NEXT UNIT, OUR OTHER COMMERCIAL MODEL, WHICH FEATURES A MOTION DETECTOR. IT IS SHOWN BELOW. This model, sku # 747810, is best suited for indoor installations where a constant power supply via AC is available. That being said, it's important to understand that some of the settings are truly ultra sound - not detectable by humans - but some of the settings may be heard by people. If you need to use one of the settings which can be heard (detectable by humans), you may want to make sure the unit is placed away from living areas and hidden in areas like attics or crawl spaces. As a general rule, the ultra sound settings will be for any of the small animals like Bats, Mice, Rats or Squirrels when used inside. When installing the unit outside, you can try one of the Ultra Sound settings at first. However, if this does not provide the results you expected, adjust it up to one of the audible settings. This is commonly needed due to the vast expanse of space involved when using sound repellents outside. In large open areas, it's hard to get the alarming and irritating sound concentrated enough to effect target animals. In order to accomplish this, a wider range of frequency must be used which will result in the sounds being audible. For this reason, you may find it helpful to keep the unit on a power timer or some type of a remote or manually operated switch. When targeting animals that are active only at night, have the switch set to allow power during the night only. Once set, an automatic power switch will power on the device daily. You could rely on manually tuning on the unit as needed which is commonly done when the unit is installed in attics, crawl spaces or other places in the home. Like the # 747774, this unit is always releasing sound continuously once on; it does not have any type of motion activator. And remember to change the sound setting every week or two when problem animals are reluctant to move away; the variable sound patterns will prove to be more effective compared to leaving it fixed at one frequency (setting). The following video does a good job of showing just how this unit is controlled and how it functions. 1 Ea (ITEM # 747810)


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