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PRODUCT NAME: Boracare. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Clear, odorless, molasses like material which mixes with water. Once mixed, it becomes like water. Apply it with a pump sprayer or a paint brush. Watch this video to learn how to best work with Boracare. And if the surface area being treated is prone to mold growth consider using Boracare with Moldcare added. Remember, Boracare does a great job of penetrating wood getting deep inside to provide the best internal protection of any wood preservative on the market. But since most of the active is readily absorbed by the wood, surfaces can be left vulnerable to mold growth. Though this mold probably won't be able to do significant damage since the bulk of the wood will be treated with Boracare, in some locations even the slightest growth is unacceptable. So if the area being treated happens to be where it's very moist or if you need the wood being treated to look great for cosmetic reasons (this condition mostly applies to wood being kept out in the open like an outside deck or furniture) than you should consider the Boracare with Moldcare. The following video highlights it's features and does a good job of explaining when Boracare with Moldcare might be better suited over traditional Boracare. TARGET PESTS: Powder post beetles, termites, carpenter ants, decay fungi and old house borers. WHERE TO USE IT: Just about anywhere. It can be used inside and outside so if you have access to both sides of the logs, try to use it on both sides. This will enable quicker and deeper penetration. RATE OF APPLICATION: This depends on the thickness of the logs. Mix it one part Boracare to one part water. On logs which are 6 inches thick, one gallon of concentrate would cover up to 400 square feet. For example, if your home is 40 feet across the front and is 10 feet tall, it would take one gallon of Boracare mixed with one gallon of water to treat the entire side. You could either spray the two gallons of finished material on the outside or you could spray one gallon outside and one gallon inside. Always treat both sides when you can. Thinner wood does not need as much. Logs which are 4 inches thick need one gallon of concentrate to treat up to 800 sq/ft. If you want to know exactly how much you need to use, e-mail the dimensions of the wood to us and we will forward the calculation as soon as we can. PACKAGING AND COST: Boracare Gallons (ITEM # 455180) when a case of 4 Gallons are ordered, you get a 10% discount (cannot be shipped to Alaska). Boracare with Moldcare Gallons (ITEM # 455185) (cannot be shipped to Alaska). The "Blue Dye" talked about in the video can be ordered here: The "Mixer", also seen in the video, will enable mixing the Boracare with water a lot easier and is highly recommended if you don't have one. We've found this specific design to perform better compared to other paint mixers currently available on the market today.