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PRODUCT NAME: Hand Duster. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These are Hand Dusters which you fill with dust like Delta Dust. They enable you to apply precise amounts of material to voids under rocks, wood or other places insects like to nest. We have four models to choose from listed below: MODEL "A": This is our basic CB4 Duster. It features a 4 oz holding bulb, into which dust is placed, and is squeezed to push the dust out the tip located at the top of the duster. This duster is definitely an entry level type and is not recommended for anyone that intends on doing a lot of dusting. It has a rubber body and a plastic top and tip. MODEL "B": This is our Crusader, which works just like the CB4, but has a larger bulb for holding more dust. This Duster is better suited for larger jobs where you need some type of extension for reaching under or into tight spaces. It features a rubber bulb and a metal extension and tip. View this video to see the Crusader demonstration.
MODEL "C": This is our CB14 Duster, which works just like the CB4 but is much larger so it can hold a lot more dust. It features a rubber body with a metal top and a brass tip. This model is excellent for anyone that needs to be dusting a lot without having to reach under or into tight spaces. If you need a large hand duster with some type of extension, the Model "D" will be best for you. MODEL "D": This is our CB14EXT Duster, which is just like the CB14 but has a 12 inch extension and a curved tip included. This unit features a different interior design which does a great job of keeping the dust flowing well regardless of how you tilt the bulb when dusting. This unit is excellent for most any application and the extension can be removed from the duster if it is not needed. Watch the following video to see the differences between all the Centro Bulb Dusters.
PACKAGING AND COST: Pricing for these Dusters is as follows: Model "A", our CB4 Duster (ITEM # 282236) Model "B", our Crusader (ITEM # 282244) Model "C", our CB14 Duster (ITEM # 282232) Model "D", our CB14E Duster (ITEM # 282234) ___________________________________________________________________________________ There are several options available pictured here:


OPTION "A": This is a 12" Brass Extension that can fit on either Duster "C" or Duster "D". This extension can be used in series and it is possible to attach up to 5 at one time if you need to reach up this high for a specific application. (ITEM # 281806) THIS OPTION WILL NOT WORK FOR EITHER DUSTER "A" OR DUSTER "B". OPTION "B": This is the Curved Tip that comes standard with Duster "D". It can be purchased for use on either Duster "C" or Duster "D". (ITEM # 281816) THIS OPTION WILL NOT WORK FOR EITHER DUSTER "A" OR DUSTER "B". OPTION "C": This add on will fit on either Duster "C" or Duster "D" and will enable the applicator to hang the Duster from their belt. It makes for carrying your Duster easier and is handy if you find yourself using this tool a lot. (ITEM # 281811) THIS OPTION WILL NOT WORK FOR EITHER DUSTER "A" OR DUSTER "B". OPTION "D": This Filler Funnel will work for use on all our Dusters and is very handy. It will enable you to fill any of them without making a mess and is a good investment if you intend on filling your duster repeatedly since it will save on both lost product and time. (ITEM # 281822) PACKAGING AND COST: Pricing for the Options is as follows: Option "A", 12" Extension (ITEM # 281806) Option "B", Curved Tip (ITEM # 281816) Option "C", the Belt Clip (ITEM # 281811) Option "D", the Funnel Filler (ITEM # 281822)