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PRODUCT NAME: CLASSIC ELECTROCUTION DEVICE. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Plastic framed housing which has a metal pad on the floor where targeted rodents will walk. When turned on, the pad carries a negative charge on one side and a positive charge on the other side. The two sections of the pad are not touching allowing for the charge to remain for long periods of time. Rodents which enter the chamber will act as a bridge between the two pads and effectively ground it out leading to their death. When the two pads ground out, they will deliver a 30-60 second bolt of electricity which is strong enough to kill many small rodents. It works off high voltage and very low amps. In other words, it can't kill a person if someone was to accidently ground it out. They would feel discomfort; a pain where they touched it for sure, but it can't do any damage. The unit features an off/on switch located on top, runs on 4 AA batteries and will deliver up to 10 kills (larger animals will use up the batteries faster). Watch this video to see how the Zapper works on target animals.

________________________________________________________________________________ ULTRA ELECTROCUTING DEVICE

PRODUCT NAME: ULTRA ELECTROCUTION DEVICE. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This model works the same as the Classic except with more power. Powered by four "D" cell batteries, this unit can get over 4 times as many kills per set of batteries. Recommended for large infestations or when the target animal is larger than a rat or mouse. The following video shows how this unit is set and functions.

________________________________________________________________________________ MOUSE ELECTROCUTING DEVICE

PRODUCT NAME: MOUSE ZAPPER. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This model works like the other two units but it's much smaller and only intended for mice and shrews. It's powered by 4 Double "A" batteries. Quality batteries will provide 40-50 kills per set of 4. The following product spotlight video gives further details on this model.

_________________________________________________________________________________ REMOTE MONITOR RAT TALE

PRODUCT NAME: REMOTE RAT/MONITOR TALE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The remote monitor plugs into the top of either the Classic or Ultra and has a little light on it with a 12 foot cord. Use the monitor when you want to locate the main device somewhere not easily accessible. For example, if you intend on installing the device in your attic, you can run the wire of the monitor just outside the attic entrance so you see the status the device without having to actually see it. Just check the monitor from time to time to see if you "scored". This device is handy for when you need to make sets in hard to reach places, attics, crawl spaces, etc. since you won't have climb into these places over and over again just to check the Zapper. Now you can do it "remotely" and from a more comfortable location. It also keeps you from constantly having to go and mess with the main unit which can sometimes frighten local target animals. See how one works here in this video.

TARGET PESTS: Mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels. WHERE TO USE IT: Alongside ground burrows where squirrels are thought to be living. Since these are electric devices it is best to have some type of shield or guard placed over them, like a garbage pail top, to shelter them from rain. Too much moisture will cause the device to ground out and not work. You will be able to reset once it is dry but too much water around it should be avoided. These devices can also be used for large jobs where the prospect of relocating a lot of animals presents too big of a job. By using our LT5518RD live trap you can humanely destroy all you trap by placing the rear door to the front of the electrocuting chamber and opening it up. These devices work quickly and you are able to destroy 10 animals with one set of batteries with the Classic Model; up to 40-50 with the new Ultra equipped with "D" cell batteries. When using under some type of cover, the Remote Monitor can come in handy. RATE OF APPLICATION: Though one will get you started, the more you have the faster you will be able to reduce local populations. Get at least one for every 10 squirrels you think you will have to destroy. PACKAGING AND COST: Pictured in the top photo, the Classic Device is fully functional and all that is needed to get yourself going if you are targeting rats or mice. Get the Ultra if you believe you might need the extra power and longetivity it's design offers. The Remote Rat Tale might be a help since it will allow you to observe the status of the device from afar. Pricing is as follows: CLASSIC ELECTROCUTION DEVICE (powered by 4 "A" batteries): (this is ITEM # 822843) ULTRA ELECTROCUTION DEVICE (powered by 4 "D" batteries): (ITEM # 822851) MOUSE ELECTROCUTION DEVICE (powered by 4 "A" batteries): (ITEM # 822794) REMOTE MONITOR RAT TALE (option only works on the Classic and Ultra) (ITEM # 822842) *** TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE "KIT" PACKAGES FOR SPECIAL SAVINGS *** Classic Zapper/Tale Kits (ITEM # 822846) (Kit includes one Classic Zapper and one Remote Monitor) Classic Zapper/Tale 3 Pack (ITEM # 822848) (Kit includes three Classic Zappers and three Remote Monitors) Ultra Zapper/Tale Kit (ITEM # 822845) (Kit includes one Ultra Zapper and one Remote Monitor) Ultra Zapper/Tale 3 Pack (ITEM # 822847) (Kit includes three Ultra Zappers and three Remote Monitors)


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