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PRODUCT NAME: Aerosol Dispenser. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: These devices are all battery operated and have different controls and different setups. Look through the detailed listing of these controls listed below to determine which model will best suit your needs. The unit on the left in the picture above comes in two designs and runs on two "D" Cell batteries. The unit in the right of the picture comes in one design and runs on two "D" batteries. All of these machines can be used to apply either a scent based aerosol, an odor eliminating aerosol or an insecticide. The Model 1000 is the basic unit which is good for most applications where all you want is for the aerosol to be released in a consistent pattern. The Model 3000 allows you the most settings. It is clearly the most "configurable" model and can be set to skip certain days or go off as often as once a minute. The Model 2000 is in between the other two and probably the easiest to use that offers a wide range of settings. It's the only one that uses a photo sensor which gives it the unique ability to monitor light which is then used to control it's functions but it does not have nearly as much control over time guidelines like the the Model 3000. MODEL 1000: This device is battery operated and dispenses an aerosol blast designed to either eliminate odors, help control insect infestations or release fresh smelling aromas. It has several features including a green light/red light indicator used to let you know the unit is on or that the batteries need replacement. It runs on 2 "D" cell batteries which should last several months. This unit features two switches; one is for turning the unit on or off and the other is for setting the time interval for when aerosol is released. It can be configured to go off every 7.5, every 15 or every 30 minutes. MODEL 3000: This model looks exactly the same as the Model 1000 but it has an extensive list of programming options and configurations. It can be set to release aerosol based on minute increments. In other words, you could have it release a blast every minute, every other minute, every 5 minutes, every 13 minutes,etc. You can also set it to go off every 60 minutes if minimal product release is adequate. Once an hour is the least frequent setting available; once a minute would be the most frequent setting available. This unit can also be configured to release aerosol on specific days or remain completely off other days. You can also set it to work within a certain range of hours on any day so you aren't wasting product by having it spray some outside the range of time you most need it applied. Over time, the savings in product use will more than pay for the extra cost associated with purchasing the Model 3000 since it costs more than the Model 1000. MODEL 2000: This model is on the right side of the picture above and looks a lot like the Model 1000 and Model 3000. However, it has a small photosensor just below the light on the front panel. It also has different adjustments making it unique. This unit features two buttons. The red one is for turning the unit on or off. The blue one is for determining when the unit should release aerosol. Like the Model 1000, you have three choices. The time between releases are 5, 15 or 30 minute intervals which is slightly different then Model 1000. This same button also controls how you want to utilize the photosensor. When left in "red" mode, the unit will release a blast of aerosol around the clock, working continuously. When in the "green" mode, the unit will release aerosol only when light is present. For rooms where the lights are on and off during any 24 hour period, this can be a very effective way to control product releases. This unit runs off two "D" cells like the two machines described above. WHERE TO USE IT: Most commonly used in rest rooms, this machine can be used on decks outside, basements, crawl spaces and just about anywhere in the home. This unit comes in real handy if you have persistent pet and/or dead decaying body odors throughout the home. PACKAGING AND COST: The Model 1000 (ITEM # 283155) The Model 2000 (ITEM # 283157) The Model 3000 (ITEM # 283158) Purchase any combination of three to five units and get 10% off; 6 or more purchased at one time qualify for case pricing of 20% total list price!