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PRODUCT NAME: Lizard Glue Traps. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Lizard traps are used as a mechanical device to trap nuisance lizards. They are placed in the pathways where lizards are suspected to travel. When a lizard walks on it, they get stuck and cannot escape. The lizards can then be removed with the use of oil and released unharmed or destroyed as situations warrant. These traps utilize a roach pheromone or lure which works as an attractant since lizards will readily forage and feed on roaches. The scent, undetectable by people but easily sensed by lizards, will lure targeted lizards to the trap and once inside, they will get stuck. They also feature a self mounting glue strip on their bottom making them mountable on walls and surfaces to better locate them where lizards like to forage.

TARGET PESTS: Lizards, other small reptiles and amphibians. These same traps will also work on mice which like to eat roaches as well as well as most any insect and even snakes as this video shows! WHERE TO USE THEM: In the home or any building where lizard activity is noted. Simply set them out along the baseboard, countertop, shelf, floor, bookcase or any other area where you are seeing unwanted lizards. The glue and pheromone are completely harmless to people and pets so there is no hazard associated with their use in food areas, closets, bedrooms and living rooms. And trapped animals can be released as demonstrated in this video. RATE OF APPLICATION: Each board is large enough to catch most any average sized lizard. However, it can be broken up into three small boards if the targeted population is small. Each board comes with two rows of perforations so that it can be broken up to three equal sized smaller traps. Generally, one board will be able to catch 2-4 lizards depending on the target size. Traps should be replaced once every 2 months or sooner if they get filled. The key to using these traps effectively is to make sure to have enough set out and to make sure you have enough of the lure in place. EACH TRAP SHOULD HAVE 3 LURES PLACED IN IT TO INSURE MAXIMUM ATTRACTIVENESS. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that traps be located and mounted on walls where lizards naturally forage. The self attaching adhesive found on the bottom of these traps make for easy mounting in key locations. Thumb tacks can also be used to help anchor traps should targeted lizards be strong enough to drag the traps away. PACKAGING AND COST: Lizard Glue Traps are sold in packs of 15 Traps which come with a bag of 50 lures. Since each trap can be broken up to three smaller traps, you could convert the 15 traps into 45 traps. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN USED FULL SIZED, EACH TRAP REQUIRES 3 LURES FOR PROPER BAITING. WHEN EACH TRAP IS BROKEN UP TO THREE SMALLER TRAPS, ONLY ONE LURE PER TRAP IS THEN NEEDED. For scorpions, use them full size where possible; break them up when you need a smaller sized placement. The picture above has both sizes shown. The bigger trap on the left side of the photo is how the traps will arrive. You will get 15 of these along with lures. If need be, you can tear it apart to three smaller sized traps; each being the size of the trap on the right side of the photo. Each 15 pack (ITEM # 826414)