This page shows traps that can be used for catching all different types of nuisance birds. The traps are all "repeating" meaning they can catch several birds in one setting. And most are designed for specific birds though they can be used for birds not listed. Trap sizes will start with small ones listed first moving onto to bigger and larger traps down the page.



BIRD TRAP SIZE:   8" Wide x 10" Tall x 24" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Unique trap that functions as a one way valve to catch birds like swallows or woodpeckers that are nesting in hole. When birds create nests that go through a wall, like the side of a home, they only have one way of getting in and out of their nest. This trap can be utilized for such situations. It features a small opening, which is like a funnel, that should be placed over the hole and hung on the outside of the house. Trap placement should be made at night, when the birds are known to be in their nest, so the next morning when they attempt to leave they will be trapped. No bait is needed and several birds can fit in the trap at one time. Easy release can be done because the trap features a flip open door. Can also be used when birds are nesting in vents or other holes on a home or building.




BIRD TRAP SIZE:   12" Wide x 8.5" Tall x 16" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Latest design for sparrow trapping which features 2 entrance "funnel" doors through which sparrows will pass but cannot exit. Once in the main or "lobby of the trap, they will find another "funnel" they can enter to reach the seed attractant/bait. This holding area should have the most seed; preferably enough to help motivate the target birds to enter. The holding area is about 1/2 of the entire trap and features a lockable swinging door for easy bird removal. Works well for sparrows and other small birds.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 4 lb Shipping Weight



BIRD TRAP SIZE:   16" Wide x 10" Tall x 24" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Latest design for starling or sparrow trapping. It has two holding areas or compartments. The first or main lobby is accessible by 2 "funnel" doors. The second compartment can only be entered by passing through a another funnel door which leads from inside the main lobby. These funnel doors work by allowing target birds to "squeeze" in comfortably but when they attempt to reverse their path and try to leave they find the funnel uncomfortable. Rather then risk hurting themselves, most will choose to simply stay in the trap. These entrances are adjustable so if needed you can make them smaller or larger. This ability to adjust the funnel opening enables the trapper to then target birds of two sizes or even different species. For example, lets say you have a bird problem that involves both Starlings and sparrows. Starlings are larger then sparrows and will need a larger funnel to enter the trap. For them, you would want to leave the funnels as they arrive. This setting or width is ideal for most starlings. However, most sparrows will be smaller and thus able to exit the two main funnels. To catch them, you'll need to make the third funnel smaller (the one which leads from the main lobby to the second holding compartment). You'll need to bait both compartments so that there is a reason for the sparrows to forage over to the second compartment. Remember, both compartments have sliding doors used to bait and/or remove birds. This setup will work for other species of birds as well and is one of the reasons why this trap is both unique and ideal for when a variety of nuisance birds are active.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 6 lb Shipping Weight



BIRD TRAP SIZE:   24" Wide x 8" Tall x 28" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Constructed of 14 gauge wire, this trap features 8 entry doors, 2 to a side, through which pigeons will enter. Once inside, they will not be able to leave due to the one way design of these entry doors. The trap has a large access door on top which is used to remove trapped birds. Can hold up to 30 birds.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 70 lb Shipping Weight (actual trap much lighter)



BIRD TRAP SIZE:   24" Wide x 9" Tall x 36" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   It features 8 doorways and one access door for bird removal and maintenance. Light enough for one person to carry yet strong enough for 25 or more birds with one setting.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 70 lb Shipping Weight (actual trap much lighter)


2ftx3ftx4ft PIGEON LIVE TRAP

BIRD TRAP SIZE:   3 Ft Wide x 2 Ft Tall x f Ft Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Live Pigeon Trap which is able to catch 50 - 100 birds with one setting. It is 2 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 4 feet long. This trap has 6 panels which go together quickly. There are 8 swing doors for the birds to enter. You can remove pigeons from either side. A must for the serious pigeon problem, this trap is heavy and designed to withstand strong wind and harsh weather. Big enough to hold a man!

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 70 lb Shipping Weight



BIRD TRAP SIZE:   24" Wide x 8" Tall x 84" Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Constructed of 14 gauge wire, this 3 sectionalized trap is strong enough to handle pigeons for many years yet light enough so that one person can fold and carry it for easy relocation. It utilizes a new "one way" door system which works very well on pigeons. The trap has three equally sized sections. The two outside sections have 6 main entry doors and 2 inside doors that lead to the middle section only. Pigeons will enter through any of the twelve outside doors and from there funnel into the mid section where they can be removed. The mid section has four doors only which lead to the outside sections and not to the outside of the trap. The mid section is also the only section which has a large access door on top for bird removal. The doors which lead into the mid section are one way doors as well so that birds which enter the mid section are then trapped and cannot get back to the end sections.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 70 lb Shipping Weight


5ftx5ftx6ft LIVE BIRD TRAP

BIRD TRAP SIZE:   5 Ft Wide x 5 Ft Tall x 6 Ft Long

BIRD TRAP FEATURES:   Live trap which uses a V-Top entrance to catch sparrows, starlings and grackels. It is a big commercial trap measuring 5 feet tall, 5 feet wide and 6 feet long. It weighs 140 lbs. Once set up, you will be able to catch hundreds of birds with it. Easy to assemble, set it out where these nuisance birds are collecting. Made of 1/4 x 1 steel rod, this trap has 15 panels which hinge together. It is durable and will last a lifetime.

SHIPPING WEIGHT AND COST: 140 lb Shipping Weight



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